We aim to create an inclusive community for dedicated runners of all abilities to train, compete and cultivate long-lasting friendships; to enhance the health and well being of our community through running and to be stewards of the places we run.

 Who we serve:

Anyone that wants to join in, but specifically those that live in Central Idaho below the Lost River Mountains and along the Salmon River corridor.  

 Who’s Running this Running Club?

Lyn VanSchoiack

#lovemymtnlife Champion and elite trail-blood donor. 

Lyn’s favorite races are 50 mile, 100k and 100 miles.  A little wreckless on the downhills and usually takes trail diggers on the uphills.  Staple food is chips and salsa.  She loves the mountain life and running trails tagging lakes nestled in the backcountry.




 Giff Walters

Breakfast sommelier, beard farmer and VP of stinky socks.

Giff never made the varsity cross country team in high-school, went all-in on climbing/mountaineering for a few years and then finally realized that it was more enjoyable to run trails rather than carry around heavy backpacks and chainsaws in the woods.  He likes waffles because of their amazing ability to hold large quantities of butter and enjoys running a lot so he can eat more waffles.


How to get involved…

Come join us at a group run, sign up for one of our events or get in touch if you have an idea about something you want to collaborate on or share with our members.
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